Of Time and Passion

“I’m so glad we aren’t dating anymore…”

“Why? Because time eventually forgets anyway.”

“No stupid. Because now you can really open up to me. You’re not aiming to impress me to get into my knickers. Fucking always complicates things. But now we can just be friends. And friends are frank with each other—no matter what. I quite fancy that.”

“Well, I quite fancy the fucking.”

“Ha, ha very funny.”

“No, for real, without the fucking women aren’t that interesting, particularly the pretty ones.”

“You don’t mean that!?”

“You’re right. The ugly ones are pretty boring too.”

“Oh my Lord! You’re a hopeless wanker.”

“Are you getting mad?”

“Yes, I’m getting mad, mad to find out you’re a misogynistic wanker.”

I kiss her forcibly on the mouth—and she responds with considered lust.

“I’m just teasing you. I just love the way you look when you’re mad.”

“Well, I don’t appreciate it.”

“Oh yes you do. You love to get hot…”

I eased out of her slit, sliding off her panties, and pressed the buttery silk to my eager full lips. Then I kissed and rubbed my face in the scented garment, while dabbing lightly at her plump red clitoris. Her teeth sank into me without warning, but equally eager to obtain my own meat, I rammed furiously her dripping tight cunt…

The Flavor of Love

Herbie settled his head between Debbie’s musky thighs. He was drooling! Her pussy shone ripe as some split plum, a purple that oozed fluid lust along its outer edge.

“Wait…Wait…Please Wait!”

She levered herself up on both elbows.

“That’s not my thing. I’ve never let anyone…”

She broke off floundering, feeling frantic.

Herbie raised his head confusedly.

“Why not!?”

She could not believe he was asking.

“This is hardly the time for extended discussion.”

“Can’t think of a better time, can you?”

“Ok,” she snapped, exasperated. “It’s too personal. Happy now?”

He lowered his mouth to her and she pulled at his hair—wanting to push him away. But somehow, she violently pulled him near…

Herbie licked at her scented juices with enormous zeal. His pointed tongue inched inwards as he savored her deep. Then he flattened it—upon reaching delicate sliver—to deliver a strong, unhurried, upward stroke. Debbie clawed desperately at the bedding with both hands! The sheer intensity of the sensation was too much. As she tried instinctively to make a retreat, she came up hard against the head of the bed….

Expertly Seeking Susan

“Undo all your senses,” Tyrone sizzled. “Run hot for me.”

Sue felt that was one risk she didn’t want to take—not tonight. She was irked by the idea that he wasn’t as held as she was by their new-found love. Sliding his thumbs into her and pressing upward he spotted the faultless spot. At the same time, he stroked the keen bud famously—forcing her to resign. The climax rolled through her like a beating train, sweeping away her last control. It enlivened her so! She could sense their auras in shadow, before coming out shrieking. It was a first. But then again, no man had ever given her orgasm…

All For One

Sunlight shimmered around her raven hair as she licked my pleasure-glazed prick. Sue was gifted—and for a tad I envied Staxe. Her flicking tongue sent searing bolts of delight through my body.

“Is this what you like?”

As honest response I licked her clit savagely.

“I’m going to come…going to come,” she began to moan…rivulets of juice sluiced off my face and drenched the bed. Suddenly, the room was filled with the ripe aroma of scum!

With my penis aquiver I took the dive into her soaking tight cunt. It munched mindlessly on my cock. Our fucking became frenzied and with a final resolute thrust I exploded inside her.

“Didn’t even miss me didya?”

Staxe stood naked and set right beside the bed. He reached for my meatus and unsheathed. White dappled semen oozed out of its tiny pink lips.

“Your cock looks delicious,” he said as he reclined on the bed.

Sue came over, straddled his head, and began the grind. Her cunt softened and opened as her thrusts became sharper, and her pubic bone crushed his nose as he tried to tongue deeper. She came a few seconds later, her spasms strong, followed by a full tenting of her vagina…

Beauty Walks the Razor’s Edge

BungLikeEinstein: Trudi, the one thing that really stands out on your Raw-For-Profile, to me at least, is your love of being naked. I believe your textual persona oozes, “I’d be naked all the time if I could,” right?

Trudi True: It’s true. If I could live in a nudist society all year long, I would. Clothes are so confining, and I like to feel free. Besides, I’m not going to look like this forever. I should truly enjoy it while I can! Tell your readers I’m naked right now.

BungLikeEinstein: Oh, they’ll see it in your Raw-For-Profile. Where are you from, and how did you decide to become an Escort?

Trudi True: Well, I’m from a little town outside of Cape Town, South Africa. I’m really a small-town girl at heart. I just happen to have a pretty big city a few minutes away. Anyhow, I want to be a Feature Entertainer someday.

BungLikeEinstein: You do?

Trudi True: I do! It’s been my dream ever since I was a little girl. I remember sneaking peeks at my dad’s old Playboys, and secretly getting hot looking at the women. Then I went to a strip club when I first turned 18 and saw these stunning women who were there on tour. They had these marvelous costumes, and people had come out from all over to see them…

Confusing the Cuntsumer

After he’d peeled my panties down, he knelt between my legs, pushed them apart, and peered down at me. I felt unlovely and awkward. Tightening my legs slightly, I pushed them in against him. He looked up at me, and even though his face was in shadow, I could see his puzzlement.

“Don’t you want me to look at you?” he asked.

A Taste of Twat

Before I knew what I was doing, I’d locked his head between my legs. I rode him like an animal, and when the pleasure peaked, I squirted his face. As he moved up to kiss me I was almost scared to hint myself, but his lips were pungent and sweet, like my fingers after beating off.

The Mastery of Mam’selle

She was right. I knew at once it was the strongest marijuana I’d ever smoked. Just as I was easing into the high Mam’selle grabbed my cock and squeezed it violently. At the same time, she shoved her free fingers between my lips and onto my tongue. I’d never had that done before and it brought on a new response: I found myself licking her fingers as though they were candy. She worked on me for some time, getting my meat hard. And then she kissed me, her mouth alive with irresistible intelligence…

Back from College

Tricia turned, wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me longingly. Grinding her quim into my thigh and burning me through the dress she lustily hissed:

“Jimmy you motherfucker you make me wait so long…goddamn you!”

I yanked down the top of her dress, lifted up a musky globe, and sucked its nipple long and hard. She groaned and pulled my hair. Her body trembled and she seemed to be coming just from humping my thigh…

Milking the Meatus

Celia blew me, played with my asshole, climbed on top and rode me like a horse with my prick slamming up into her dripping tight cunt. I came once this way and then again in her mouth; and afterwards, she still managed to milk me for more!

Blessed Union of Soul

Her thighs parted and her cunt flowered, wet and pungent. My cock dove like a dowser, and when we were both one and not-one, when the rightness of our union and disunion had ripened, we started to come together!

Visions of Roxana

Tyrone had been blind for most of Saint Val’s. With me as guide, he had fed and bathed, and now, still silk-scarf-eyed, he whispered gently:

“I like to look at you.”

His hands began to explore my body, his body to rock over mine. With head motionless, he started to talk about me, whispering with warm breath against my ear:

“I like your colors, Anna. Here, where you’re white and pink, and these blue lines.”

His fingers found the veins on my breasts, softly touched my nipples.

“I like all your freckles, and how singular they are. Such dark spots, like periods all by themselves, and here, where they’re light and profuse.”

As he withdrew slightly to touch my pubic hair, his wet penis slid out and lay big and warm against me…

To the Faithful Departed

“Relax. I’m cock sure she’s not coming back.”

“I’m starting to get nice and juicy.”

She owns head-crusher thighs and a kick ass body!
Too bad Tina’s returning soon…

“You know I gotta have that cock immediately if not sooner, don’t you?”

I’m not gay or anything, but not much can rouse me like the smell of hot delicious cunt …she’s slick right to her asshole…hot as a two-dollar pistol…all I can do is moan and thrust…finally—and luckily—I jizz and roll off dead…

Sad Eyed Lady of the Mow Lands

“I’ve been naughty bad.”

Dr Percivalle studied her oval blushed face, the pleading eyes nearly hid by her messy blonde hair.

“I’ve been dirty-dirty,” she moaned, smelling her finger tips, and inching furtively downward.

“Young lady,” Dr Percy scowled with an emergent bulge, “what in heaven’s name are you doing under the blankets?”

Lola had begun writhing down below, licking her digits and moaning oddly. She stared at him with a portentous hunger. Her lips formed a slow “f,” and she mumbled forbiddenly, her eerie and frenzied ardor flushing her soft skin…

Dr Percy let her be…until her hips buckled, and she sucked crudely at wet fingers. And then in a timely instant, he flung back the blankets. The ex-beauty queen was still wanking, thumb rallied at her jeweled nub. She worriedly bothered her plump meat, eyes alternating ‘twixt scowl and bulge.

Slowly, Dr Percy lowered his hand to her own, locking it between her damp thighs. Her fantasy froze just as spookily as her moaning.

“Is this what you were doing?” Dr Percy sniffed…

Mary Tahl’s Bliss

She’s lying there on the bed naked and she’s crying. I’m obviously drinking her busty beach body. What a bronze miracle in this here light! She’s lying on her back, breasts heaving slightly as she weeps. Her legs are bent, knees in the air, and slightly spread, so it’s not impossible to see her cunt!

“Twat’s the matter here?”

Skanky’s in the house.

“It’s my husband! He’s been hiding pictures of naked women on his cell.”

Oh, oh, he’s about to lose the jest for higher ground:

“That cuntarded nincompoop! Let’s have him know otherwise. Sykes, set up the camcorder and then indulge with us, will you?”

We’re now on her like two lusty Porn Stars! Skanky’s down below. I’m kissing her…rolling my tongue in her mouth…and lightly biting her lips. Her breath is shortening…

“Let’s turn you on your side sweetie so I can fuck your puckered little shithole.”

…oh yes, oh yes! She’s feverishly grabbing my cock and shoving it into her oily twat. Sweet Lord more of this shocking warmth! A cry of pleasurable pain now pierces the room. Skanky’s ramming her right—slimy finger before pulsating prick…

Paddled Pink

“Pull your nightgown up,” Tyrone commanded.

“I’m going to teach your White little ass a lesson!”

He tugged my panties down to my thighs, reached for my hairbrush, and spanked me softly with its back. Almost abruptly though, he intensified, and when I was finally sobbing oceans he stopped to say:

“Okay, this will calm you down.”

Spreading my cunt lips he inserted the brush’s handle into me. Its rounded wood felt cool and smooth inside my twat. As he began to rhythmically pump and twirl it, brushing against my clit and invading my slit, I felt intense pleasure that ended in gush. Indeed, it was the perfect dildo!

Little Lesbian Lost

As we started talking Sheila confessed her lesbianism. I told her I was straight. Then I admitted I’d been rubbing myself when she called. That was all the encouragement needed. She pulled my robe down enough to reveal one boob, which she then began to suckle. I’d never been so awkwardly turned-on. Complete surrender came when she reached under gown for my now contracting pussy. Her soft fingers tickled it until I was begging oral. She responded—but without removing my panties. She simply blew on my clit and nibbled at it through the wet cloth. Finally, she pushed them aside and slipped her tongue in my hole, moving it in and out like a small but wet cock, all the while expertly kneading my butt cheeks. I came copiously!

Joey and Jill

After lubricating Jill’s asshole with saliva Joey pressed his knob inwards. He began to ass fuck her urgently as she blew two bums. While his prick rammed her loosening hole, Jill alternately sucked and jerked off hobo meat. Finally, Joey couldn’t hold back his load. He dug his fingernails into Jill’s ass cheeks, and, as she wiggled her spasmodic asshole up and down his rod, he shot his load deep inside her—in a long, hot, belly wrenching orgasm that seemed to last forever. When he finally opened his eyes, he saw her face and hair covered with white, gelatinous strands. Both bums had jizzed simultaneously, but apparently Jill had missed a load…

Meaty Movie Magic

I squirmed in my seat, suddenly aware of a fingering need. And then—I still tremble to remember—I did something
I’d never done before. In the public dark, with a movie-light flickering all about me, I slipped my hand under my pocketbook, through the buttons in my shift and touched myself. My pussy seemed charged as it burned damply. My own actions alarmed me, but Brando’s screen persona somehow absolved them. I worked my middle finger up over my clit, which was hardened and very sensitive. With eyes glued to the screen, I then proceeded to caress it roundly…

Caught On Candy

Todd sucked on my dick slowly and dreamily, his full lips glistening and his eyes shut tight. After a few minutes I pulled his head towards me, sliding my stiff cock all the way in. I felt my knob banging against the back of his throat. He gagged slightly…and then retook, till his hungry lips were pressed firmly against my dark bush…

Almost Infamous

I stood before him now, pink roses on my panties, and twin peaks in my bra. My clit, in the past rubbed raw by fantasies of such encounters, began to throb with genuine heat.
I felt my cunt lips starting to swell and while I reached behind to unlatch the bra, I thought I whiffed my own scent in the air. Raw, liquid desire seemed to waft from between my legs. It made me blush, but it made me shameless. The very air seemed perfumed with cunt. I let my bra drop without looking where it landed. Now we were both almost naked…

Anal Anxiety

His tongue suddenly flicked. A wet fire charged through my scum-boot. I bore down on his throbbing cock as he fingered me deeply and continued to eat me...teasing my clit, licking and softly biting the outer lips, tonguing the alphabet on it oh so rightly…Then he spread my ass cheeks, and the air tickled where I wasn’t used to being exposed. Gently and slowly, he slipped in a lubed finger and I so didn’t want it to feel so good…

Sticks Like Crazy

Solidad parted her thighs for a better view. Her creamy panties stuck like glue to her slickened cleft. The lewd outline of her pussy-lips burned them both. Quinten took her hand and they gazed over the sopping zone, wet with raw cunt and want, stained through like a bad girl’s knickers. Their eyes met and Solidad moaned, her ruby lips parting in silent gasps as Quinten pushed her palm a little harder, a little deeper in the slit at her fingertips. “I want you to fuck me,” she said for the fourth time, her voice husky with raw lust. “I want you to tongue my sopping pussy, then suck inside and bite my tits and kiss me so I can taste my cunt-sauce inside your mouth.”

Liquid Vision

I wedged my purple glans between the rosy lips of her mouth. As she looked up at me, I grabbed her head by fistfuls of blonde tresses and guided her frenzied sucking.
A gallon of steamy white jizz spluttered all over her innocent little face…and she smiled. Quickly resurrected, my jizz-drenched wanker found pay dirt in her pink young cunt! Feverishly horny now, her cunt-walls milked my meatus. “Harder!” she wailed, and the word “harder” was all I needed. I jabbed furiously into her fuming young pussy. And she clung her little fingers into my back and ass. “Owww,” she cried, the tears welling in her eyes, and then, as I scummed explosively, I felt the barrier rip asunder!

Tongue Twisting Twat

Two of his lubed fingers found their way into her tiny little fault. Shona gasped.
“You’re hurting me.”
“You’ll beg for it before I’m done,” snarled Brandon. Withdrawing his hand, he lay back on the bed, holding Shona by the thighs as she sat on his face. He was drooling. His curled tongue explored her puckering inner pussy lips, so warm, wet, and velvety. Her fragrant cunt sauce dripped onto his lips and he slurped up every drop.
“Do it Brandon. Please do it now! Ohhhh.”

Anal Ecstasy

Jessica moaned with pleasure as my hard purple glans began to root about her puckered little shit-hole. As the tip of my big cock entered her ass, she pulled up a little, reluctant to take the whole penis at once. She spat on her fingers, covered her anus with gooey saliva, and started to settle comfortably on my hard prick, sighing with pleasure at every little twitch.

Fleshly Fragments

I begin fucking her mouth, thrusting my hips forward while handling her head, pumping my cock rapidly and mightily until I blow my wad explosively down her throat.

Her pussy shone ripe as some split plum, a purple that bled fluid lust along its outer rim.

Organized Sex

Rich went to Stella and took her longingly on the bed…shooting his bursting load convulsively into
her, as the others looked on with approval.

Pearly Gates Of Dawn

He could see Elaine imbibing Dominique’s gobbets! Then he made out Dawn, who was hitherto preoccupied with Elaine’s crack, as she moved to kiss her and partake of the poison.

Aiming To Please!

“When you spout, make sure your sperm lathers me.
That’ll make me have orgasms all over the place.”
“You’re the boss!” I enthusiastically agreed, using my masturbating hand to place the joint in her lips.
The gesture’s significance did not escape her.
“Lots of times when I jerk off I imagine a whole
audience of men,” she said. “I can’t believe this is really happening—we’re nasty, you know that?”

Twat's The Matter Here!?

I was on my back and Julie was sliding up and down my prick with the ambrosia spluttering out of her tight young twat. Thelma’s drenched puss descended onto my face and I saw nothing but black fur, felt nothing but scum juice, smelt nothing but hot cunt…

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

Samantha gave me a quick, sharp look.
“Would you mind watching me masturbate?”
“I wouldn’t mind,” I hazarded.
“Good! It’ll turn me on and get me off,” she chirped, guardedly searching my face, “I’m already wet thinking about it.” She brought glistening fingers to her lips and winked at me as she licked her own juice.

Mam’selle's Meat

My mind wobbled. I ogled her like I’d never before seen a naked woman. She watched me coolly, until I raised my arms to reach her. Planting her right foot on my chest and shoving, Mam’selle sent me sprawling onto the warm rug. Then, she proceeded towards me, straddled my head, and sank her knees to the floor. Her vagina was now inches from my face. She reached down and pulled the outer lips apart. The insides of the folds were wet. Her smell was pungent, earthy, compelling. “Want that?” she quizzed.

Baby Blue

As Jerry lunged her repeatedly Monica sobbed and quivered. Her quim juice lathered and spluttered, oiling her butt cheeks and his belly. She was definitely the hottest honey pot Jerry had seen. She was acting like she needed the nailing for years.

“Ooooooh no, sweetie” she sobbed after eons.
“Don’t shoot inside me. I’m not protected…
Don’t make a baby in me! Oooooh!”

Pussy Shooters

Tina looked up airily…Clara gazed down, clutched Tina’s hair, trembled thrice…and let loose with a golden stream of urine which splashed right into Tina’s face. Cool as a coconut, Tina buried her face in Clara’s bush and started lapping like a thirsty kitten.

Swallowed Pride

She was dizzied by the musky scent of his sweaty crotch
and the acrid appeal of his ass-smell, and she lunged back unashamedly for cock. Spitting him out, she ingurgitated—gagging convulsively in the depths of her throat.

Deep In The Pink

“You’re beautiful,” Julio murmured as he slid his hands under Janie’s buttocks, cupping her and ramming his pole deep into her belly. She hitched herself closer and rode
with him.
“Soon,” Julio gasped.
“Oh yes!” Janie hissed. “I want to feel you come inside of me…”

Scandalized Scum

We groped lightly there in the hallway and she slid her hand up my robe to caress the head of my prick. She giggled and confessed, “Ever since I was twelve men have been putting their hands up my dress, and I always wondered what it would be like if the tables were turned.”
“How do you like it?”
“It’s neat. How do you like it?”
“I feel scandalized.”
“That’s good.”

Dick Lickin' Good

I left my prick lodged in Patty’s throat for a good while—long enough at least for the guys to believe.
Then, with my fingers still in her hair, I yanked her away from it, shoved her around on all fours and rammed her dripping tight cunt.

She started moaning like a hot harlot in heat, and as soon
as she opened her mouth, I motioned to the closest of her admirers—a pot-bellied middle-aged giant, burdened with a delightfully donkey-sized hard-on, and more than ready to take matters in hand. He knelt in front of her face, took her head in his hands and shoved his dick unceremoniously into her throat…

Devilish Delight

Her cunt tasted divinely sweet as I licked its luscious folds and also watched her husband masturbate to it. I suppose it was innate, but I knew exactly how to please her. It wasn’t long before she was moaning with ecstasy. Her entire body was just trembling from head to toe. As she began coming she grabbed my head and pressed my face harder into her pussy. My tongue flicked faster and faster, making her clit into a red hard knob. Her cunt was squirting sweet delicious juices so I eagerly stuck my tongue deep inside of her…

Finger Lickin' Good

Casually I gave Candice a delightful foot and leg massage
… she sighed…and, with her face all dreamy, leaned back meltingly against the plush plump pillow. Then, slyly and softly, she began to investigate, “You know what? One part of me has gotten sensual. Do you want to rub that for a while?” I couldn’t believe my ears, but I guess I denuded, pulled off her pants in about ten seconds flat, spread her thighs as far apart as they would go, and slid two fingers inside her cunt, twisting and flexing them until she exploded with warm wet desire…

The Painted Ladies Sit Just There...

In my bed in the dark I can’t sleep… Los Tambos…tightly bordering verdurous jungle…tirelessly sprawling sun-splashed slum. I’m still trying to decipher this joint. Tired gringos and young tourists nurse beers in the brothel below. It’s all going to work out. Maybe there’ll even be an odd Romance or two.

If I want pussy I’ll have to stumble over and ask for it politely. I’m in the minority among males in this room,
and the girls focus on the more important clients: British soldier boys planted for a year's service here in the jungle. They regard it an easy tour, though not the greatest.

Lots of guys but too few girls…a bawled half-sentence in rich Cockney…laughter…the giggling start of a reply in slangy Spanish…lustful hand reaches into tank-top, squeezes and pulls out young, full breast…hand is slapped away…Marietta jumps up, her bottom flounces into darkness…but the soldier jumps up also and follows…catches up to her…

I think about Dragana and get hard. I haven’t come for a month. With prick in hand, I peel down Cecelia’s tank-top, and place my swollen cock between her soft brown tits...glistening, oily, warm. I come in my hand and wipe it on the far side of the bed so I won’t have to sleep in a wet spot.

Gynecological Guidance

Shana sat on the padded table just as Dr Percy was coming in. She startled internally at how alluring he was and struggled to keep up with his converse. Gently, he lowered her down on the table, put her legs up in stirrups, and draped a sheet of cloth over her.

Then he held up an implement.

“I’m going to put this in you,” he said, “and it shouldn’t hurt at all.”

Initially he stuck three fingers, saturated with cream, up Shana’s vagina. It hurt, but in a pleasurable way also. Spreading her twat open with his fingers he stuck the cold instrument up her, and then opened it up. She let out
a little cry of pain. Dr Percy looked up with a sign of sympathy, and after a little pinch, he was through.

Tiny Pink Pussy

Danny felt a quick shock of warmth as the velvety lips closed around the head of his prick, and then a greater blast of pleasure, as the very walls of the hot cunt gripped him like a monkey’s fist…sending shivers to the very base of his spine!

Good Girls Don't Masturbate

“You beating your meat in front of my face and me…you wouldn’t believe how hot I am. My cunt is all tight and eager and my clit is s-o-o fucking sensitive.” With a rapid wrist action Martha pumped the long buzzer in and out of her pussy in a burst of ecstatic exhibitionism.

Heaven Scent

Giving the woman who’d blown me so nicely half a tumbler of wine, I ensconced her comfortably against the headboard. I felt her awkwardness when I settled below her, ruffled pussy now the object of my attention. I savored her rich, sensual odor; it conjured thoughts of autumn sunshine. I carefully eased apart her separated flesh.
“You don’t have to do that,” she said.
“I want to.”
“Maybe I should wash…”

The Pleasure Of Female Meat

Laura had a thick auburn bush and tuft of anal fur that sprouted from between her cheeks even when her thighs were together, but the plump pads of her outer vulva were shaven.

“I like to play with my cunt,” she sighed. “Sometimes I don’t do anything else all day.”

“Mmmmmm,” I concurred.

“You’ve never seen my clit,” she said, tugging on her stretchy flesh. “See? There it is, sticking its head up.”

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The Other Side Of John Holmes

Charitable Endeavors

Despite the notoriety and infamy associated with Holmes,
he also devoted much time to charities involving the environment. He was known to campaign and collect
door-to-door for charities such as Save The Whales.

The Women In Holmes' Private Life

While estimates of his on-screen and professional sex partners range in the thousands, it appears that there were perhaps 4 or 5 women who actually were close to Holmes in his private life. Holmes was reputedly meticulous in keeping his professional and private lives separate.

* In 1965 he married a young nurse named Sharon Gebenini. He remained married to her until 1985.

* In 1975 he met Julia St. Vincent, on the set of his blockbuster film, Liquid Lips, which was being produced by her uncle, Armand Atamian. Holmes and St Vincent stayed close until 1981 and the Wonderland affair. St Vincent is the woman who produced the ersatz biographical film of Holmes' life, Exhausted.

* In 1976 he met a young 16-year-old, Dawn Schiller, who was his girlfriend from 1976 through the Wonderland incident in 1981. She left Holmes in December 1981 when she turned him in to the police in Florida.

* In 1983 Holmes met his second wife, Laurie Rose. They were married in 1987.

Source: wikipedia.com

Pussy Floods

“Oh fuck me Daddy, fuck my ass!” Megan pleaded.
“I’m trying to honey…I want to squirt in your ass!”
“Fuck my ass…fuck it hard! Fuck me Daddy!” she
squealed, as Damien ground her ass to the very root of
his member… “Fuck me ohhhhh!!!! I’m going to cum!”
He could feel the tight walls of her rectum contracting,
gripping his prick as if it were an unopened ham steak.
Megan began to cum. Little rivulets of her juice sluiced
down his thighs, soaking the blankets, puddling onto the
floor, and covering the room with the ripe aroma of musk
and scum. “I’m going to cum…going to cum!” moaned Megan. She thrust back her red head and screamed, holding onto his thighs for dear life, as her fingers worked her wet pussy as hard as she could! Her red cunt began to spill cumjuice, her ass contracted violently…squeezing his prick and forcing an orgasm!

Little Girl Lost

Larry’s tongue leapt downward to caress the feather soft darkness of Maggie’s young cunthair. Unashamedly, he impaled her dewy pink pussy with his well-endowed tongue, grasping her soft little asscheeks in his palms all the while. His lascivious tongue bloated in her tiny puss-channel. He actually felt the bittersweet beads of nectar forming on his taste buds and, within the tight little passage, he savored the supple elasticity of the cherry he vowed to wreck before the night was out.

“Awwwooo!” she moaned, “you’re hurting me!” as the swollen head of Larry’s stiff ramrod wedged into her tiny, untried pusslips. He withdrew, and set his tongue back on its earlier course, licking her cuntlips first gently, then vigorously, then rabidly as a frothing dog. Puss juice flowed like rivulets in spring! Larry’s cock literally ached—his balls were like swollen seedpod ready to explode!

Rectum Wrecker

Peggy’s rectum was squeezing my cock like a hand full of hot jelly. Just around the time she finished, I came groaning and I came torrentially. After the third splash my prick popped out of her ass. I pressed it against her cheek, and about a quarter cup of sperm splashed all over her mink.

Get A Load Of This

Jared could feel his cock tight in her throat, feel the oozing, slimy-warm scum on her hot lips and tongue, he could hear whimpering as her throat worked to swallow it. In the translucent light, he saw she was beautiful, and he saw his own wad drooling lazily out of her lips, splashing on her breasts, which were bobbing slowly out of a frilly, half-opened bra.

All Brains And No Bone

Nina Hartley

Hartley was born to a socialist Jewish family and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She attended San Francisco State University's undergraduate nursing school and graduated magna cum laude in 1985. She is a registered nurse.


Serena was last reported to be living in the San Francisco Bay area working as an artist.

Source wikipedia.com

Riding With The King

She shivered as my hand slid up over her stocking top and touched the electrifying, unforeseen softness of her inner thigh. Though Mandy’s frame was just about angular, her thighs and loins and buttocks were buttery soft, warm and beautifully padded. She began to stir in sex rhythm as soon as my palm slid gently along the underside of her silk panties, which were already moist and steamy, and so, with my hand wrapped tight in this delicious, beautifully aromatic little heaven of straining softness and my prick humping her lovely stockinged thigh, Mandy and I rode each other frantically to climax.

Miko's Midnight Magic

With a delicate fury she buried her face between Miko’s legs and gave her sensations she never dreamed possible. She thrust her tongue into Miko’s pussy and extended it in as far as it would stretch. On the way out she pulled at her hot sliver of flesh with her lips. In one oral motion she had broken the young girl’s hymen and introduced her to clitoral paradise.

Semen Surprise

Her entire mouth rippled along his long, hard member.
His spine arched like a bow as her tongue flatly slid up and down against the expanding cartilage. With forward pelvic thrusts his cock appeared and disappeared into her mouth. Soft-white fiber hardened and skin stretched tightly, drum-like, as he grew longer, redder, and a bit close to squirting.

Finger Fucking Fan

Ruthie reacts by thrusting her tongue into the back of my throat and, in an old gesture between us, forcing my two longest right-hand fingers down along her belly and into the hot little quiver of her still lusciously padded twat. She works them back and forth in an accelerating motion until, with a series of shuddering jerks, she orgasms…

Aiming To Please!

My spunk flew out to splash on her, her breasts, and her hands. She fell flat, groaning, thrusting in orgasm, doubling up coming, clutching her cunt with both hands, rubbing fiercely, still coming...

Silky Touch

Take a lightweight silk scarf and drag it all over your lover’s body. Slowly, sensually trail it over the genital area. Spread the legs and very slowly and ever-so-lightly trace the scarf through this highly sensitive area. Keep the other hand on your lover’s body.

Naughty Nurse Nanette

With that, the nurse lunged at his cock, grabbing it in a startlingly powerful grip. She wrestled him to the floor
and immediately popped his penis into her mouth, sucking wildly and pleasurably.

Deep Inside Danae

As his thick rod lunged towards me, he pulled back the skin covering and revealed his wedge-shaped fish head. It was oozing semen from the tiny pink lips of the fish’s mouth.
I slid the scumbag out from underneath the pillow and slipped it over his wedge. With one bellowing grunt he rammed it into my cunt.

Dear, Dr Love

I’m a 28 year old male from Frisco. I’ve been dating this woman for about two years now, and she still refuses to give me anal sex. I'm aching to try it, and she acts like it’s a death penalty. How can I talk her into letting my meat in the backdoor?

Refused Backdoor Access

Dr Love:

Well, RBA, anal sex is not the epitome of sexual desire for women. They actually have to make sure they can still sit down again after having it.

Next time you have her in the throes of passion whisper softly in her ear to prepare her for penetration, wet your finger and slowly, gently slide your pinky inside her asshole. You can more or less gauge her reaction from that. If she begins rocking back and forth with you, continue what you’re doing and you’re on the road to Anal Ecstasy. If she backs out and yelps in pain, quickly remove the finger and return to plowing the field. Every girl is different, DBA, and remember, this isn’t the movies.

Dr Love’s Erotic Massage Moment

For a unique sensual experience, spend part of a day with your eyes closed, and have your lover guide you around, feed you, bathe you and make love to you, and then reopen your eyes!

Fleshly Fragments

* Humongous hot gobbets of spunk poured out of his cock, filling her throat with ambrosial goodness.

* She was grinding the sizable vibrator into her clit, hips rolling and cunt kissing rubber.

* She stood there nude, quite psychically clothed, and lit a cigarette.

* Her tongue lathered my prick like an electrified eel.
“Don’t you want to drop your jism in my mouth?” Tina teased.

* I eased her legs apart and fingered her notch. Soft blonde fur, sensual lips…she was all hot and runny with fragrant fuck juice.

All For Won

It was the orgy to surpass all orgies. Rock-hard cocks plunged into glistening warm cunts, plowed into puckering anuses, vanished between gulping lips. Tongues flicked, fingers probed, sperm filigreed through the air and splashed on quivering flesh.

Two For One

Nailing Trudy was Tom’s idea so he wanted first shot at her. He slipped his denim pants down around his knees and crawled on top of her. I remember thinking how symbolic they looked, his white ass bobbing up and down while she lay flat out on the ground, her legs spread wide apart. Real soon Tom’s ass started to move faster while Trudy stared blankly at the blue sky above her. Then it was my turn. Although I wasn’t as hard as I wanted to be, it only took me a minute. The condom gave me a few problems and I panicked for a moment, wondering if I could get into her right. But she was so wet I went in easy.